Spunkychic The Label is an eco swim label based in Sydney, Australia. When we design each swimsuit, we keep in mind it is made for the fun, free-spirited, sun lover! Someone daring, quirky and not afraid to be different.  

We value positive body image hence several of our 'models' are real girls selected from open applications, if you are interested keep an eye out for "modelling opportunity" announcements. 

Our commitment is to sustain the environment and maintain high quality products. We hope to be as transparent as possible in terms of "where" we source our raw materials and "who".  

Spunkychic The Label is currently experimenting with recycling fibre content (RePET) and using 'greener' ways to produce products. We source fabrics from Shin Kong Synthetic Fibres Corp. ; an award winning fabric manufacturer approved and certified by TESTEX AG, Swiss.

CLICK HERE to read more about Shin Kong Synthethic Fibres Corp. and full honors/award listing.

CLICK HERE to read more on eco and ethical TESTEX certification.